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Our History

In the famous 60s, Positano, in addition to the hippy phenomenon, discovered and experienced the interesting phenomenon of "Positano Fashion"

When you left the city for a trip to the sea, you often did not feel at ease, given the unsuitable clothing, because as if by magic, the climate in this golden bay is always mild, and therefore we went in search of sarongs, Bermuda shorts, shorts, swimsuits and everything else that could be used on the beach or on a boat.

So the first shops for pottery, souvenirs, etc. … are assailed by requests of this kind. Being the inhabitants of merchant origin, they invented the famous “Positano Fashion” improvising themselves as successful tailors, shredding scarves, linen or cotton towels, and sometimes even ruining the brides’ outfits, transforming very fine hand-embroidered sheets and old table doilies of bobbin lace or crochet, in elegant evening dresses.

This extravagant fashion was appreciated from the first moments, because it was different and unthinkable by city tailors. The “pezzari”, aided by the beauty of the place, having a book of extravagant and wealthy guests but with a great desire for “diversity”, went to stock up on the flea markets because the family kits were finished, having already emptied all the boxes from trousseau of brides.

Storia Antica Sartoria

Antica Sartoria Positano

It was precisely the improvised trade tailors who, helped by entrepreneurs such as Benetton and Fiorucci, invented garment dyed to give more choice of colors, importing Indian gauzes mixed with old laces taken from the kits, attracted the attention of many stylists to produce garments in white and giving an infinite choice of colors subsequently depending on the needs, right here in Positano.

Many small shops like mushrooms were born, and in one of these, Giacomo Cinque poured out and expressed all his love for embroidery and art, still making extravagant and sometimes unrepeatable garments today.

Precisely to always create unique garments, turning the various antique markets, he meets Riccardo Ruggiti and together they lead the Antica Sartoria present with the stores both on the beach of Positano, and in the center of the town in Piazza dei Mulini, where it is ritual to make up the suitcases for the continuous holidays.

Given the need and lack of seamstresses and kits, and the continuous discovery of new places to produce, with our taste and our culture, while maintaining affordable prices for a tourist attentive to details, but always with an open suitcase. So we produce all over the world and we sell all over the world, but with the heart, culture and spirit of the Positani.

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